There is a vibrant, healthy life force in every living thing. People included.  The foods we eat, the way we move our bodies, the choices we make, all have an effect on how well our life force functions.   Treat ourselves poorly then, that is the best we can expect in return.  However, treat ourselves optimally then, our lives will hum….vibrate….and radiate.   Energy will abound.

Sound too good to be true?  I assure you it isn’t.  I’m walking proof that if you are willing to Dream it….Plan it….then, you can Achieve it.

Everyone finds themselves, sooner or later, moving slower and more sluggish than they want or deserve.  It’s because:  We settle.  We sit.  We get sloppy in our choices.   We eat foods that are within reach rather than take a bit more time to nourish our bodies.  We put life’s demands ahead of moving our bodies everyday.   We look away rather than look within.  I was there just a mere few months ago.   I had gained nearly 20 pounds.  My energy was low.  I felt like I was moving in slow motion, in comparison to what I wanted out of life, and yet I was as busy as could be.   I didn’t think I had the time or energy to do what it takes.

That’s because I thought it had to be difficult.  It doesn’t.  All the power you need resides inside of you.  I’m here to simply inspire you by sharing and modeling creative ways in which to make the necessary changes you need.  There’s no magic pill or new diet fad here.  I’m talking about empowering yourself towards health and wellness to be the best you can be.

First, you must be willing to “SEE yourself anew.”   Then, come join me and let me show you how to Season Yourself Anew.

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  1. Jessie

    Hi Madhoo, very very inspiring blog. I am on the same boat. I want to get a new me. I want to change too. Thank you so much for being an inspiration. Could you put a “subscribe to my blog” button on your website so that I can check your posts regularly?

    Again, Thank you very much!


    1. seasonyanew Post author

      Thanks Jessie for writing to me.
      Lets have this journey together.It will be fun.Share what’s going on now.What are your goals ( short term and long term)..


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