My Journey to Here

My story is no different than yours.  I love food.  I’m surrounded by some of the greatest temptations, as I am a professional chef and caterer.  It’s my job to taste everything, but along the way, food became my downfall.  I packed on nearly 20 extra pounds, especially indulging during the holidays.   I felt sluggish, a bit lost, and even unhealthy carrying the burden that settled around my mid-section. (A picture is worth a thousand words.)

What I wanted, and want for you, is to live and be healthy — the right way.  No magic pill or fad diet.  Real food.  Healthy food.  Food can and should be delicious, enjoyable and healthy.


After Living Healthy!

I’m a walking testament now as to how anyone can live healthy and well, while fulfilling their dreams.

My blog will share insights, recipes, menus, pictures, information, inspirations, wisdom, and support to show you how you too can achieve the benefits of healthy living, like me and many others who have benefited from my experience.  It is why I want to open it up to anyone who may want it.   It’s simple really — Dream – Plan – Achieve.



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