Sharing my workout regime: The secret lies in ‘discipline’

Sharing my workout regime: The secret lies in ‘discipline’

My workout

Many different fitness articles and blogs will offer you many different types of advices. But one thing that will always run as a common thread along all of them is the emphasis on discipline. The discipline of a schedule is of utmost importance. Scheduling one’s exercise and work out helps to strategize your health’s development to perfection and to ensure that some sort of a discipline can be followed. This is what my week looks like:

My weekly workout schedule (I try to make it 5-6 days of work-outs in a week):
Monday: 20-30 min cardio followed by one hour of power strength training with Mark (fitness trainer). This training is to develop lean and healthy muscle and of course you lose weight in the process. It includes planks, lift kettle bell, burpees, mountain climbing, push ups, floor exercises, squats, frog jumps, shoulder press, weights and sprinting. Yes we do it all!
Tuesday: Spinning/tread mill 20-30 min and 30 min of totally core with my trainer Donna Davis.
Stretches and abs
Wednesday: All cardio outside: sprinting, hill running, elevation running, lunges, squats… heart rate goes up this day as it is all cardio.
Thursday: Spinning/tread mill 20-30 min + 30 min of totally core with Donna. Use bosque, sit-ups, tons of abs work-out, V-ups.
Friday: 20-30 min cardio followed by one hour of power / strength training with Mark.
Saturday: Walk/run of 40 min to an hour in my neighborhood.
In addition to all the above I do some stretches for my feet for 5 min each day as I have planter fasciitis.
You could put together a schedule after consulting a trainer or do it yourself after doing a little research online. I, for example, want to add Yoga one hour once a week starting next week to my schedule based on the studies my researches have shown me. So discipline yourself and make a schedule that motivates you to take up a host of beneficial activities- it’s the way to incorporate health into your lifestyle. And yes, don’t forget proper diet/nutrition to go with your workouts!

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