The art of meditation

The art of meditation

Wake up, dedicate every thought towards getting out of the house, once out you’re in the same monotonous war zone that drains every bit of your energy out, get back home, prepare of the next day at war. And this is one’s general routine simply put. Does anyone else notice the amount

Chanting 'Om'

Chanting ‘Om’

of stress we’re taking to simply get to the end of each day? Stop. Breathe. Calm is truly the need of the hour because this rut will bring stress and illness to us. A sense of calm is the need of the hour and meditation is the path to this goal.

What is meditation exactly? It is the process that involves clearing your mind of every thought and letting just one thought consume it. Usually meditators concentrate on inhaling and exhaling but it could also be a chant of some sort that helps you to concentrate such as ‘om’. The idea is to sit with closed eyes and a clear mind and recognize when an extra thought trickles in, and stray it off and return to focusing.


Meditation is like an exercise for your brain, and like all exercises it isn’t easy to do when you start of, but it gets easier with practice. Like other exercises, it also helps to strengthen the part you’re exercising, in this case, the mind. This practice of a single pointed focus enables us to improve not only our attention but also helps in reducing stress by a huge margin. It boosts our working memory and attention. But not just that, meditation also helps in improving empathetic aspects of oneself.

This activity is fool-proof, so to speak. Ongoing since pre-historic times the ancients believed that through meditation we get in touch with our very core, our true self, which enables us to have a clear perspective. And a healthy mind as such will lead to a healthy body ready to take on any challenge thrown at us.

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