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How to maintain your workout routine

As I was traveling by tram today, I was wondering how several lives connect and then part off at their respective stoppages. As I got down, a sight of crowd of people, some waiting for the tram, some making way for their heavy luggage, some waiting for the tram with a perplexed look, made me think that the background story of each one of them would be different – each life wo

It helps to be friends with health conscious people

It helps to be friends with health conscious people

uld be hectic, racing against time, running to save each moment. That reminded me of people complaining that they do not get time to spare for workout in our busy schedule.

Obviously, some people’s schedule is challenging. But that should not be an excuse not to workout. In fact, that’s all the more reason one should work exercise to keep stress and ailments away, as lifestyle-related, or occupational hazards take a toll on our health more than anything else these days.

Here are some tips how to manage a healthy workout routine:

  1. You are freaked out when you miss an important appointment but missing a workout is okay? Schedule workouts like important appointments that you can’t miss. Every start of the week include workout in your planner.
  2. Evening workouts do not work? Start your day with workout, late meeting, evening events etc. Can become a hindrance in evening workouts. First few days will be hard for a morning workout but that will soon become a part of your routine.

    Eat right, and have timely meals

    Eat right, and have timely meals

  3. You eat healthy still putting on? Start using measuring cups, several times you eat mostly nutritious foods, but you serve yourself too much. Use measuring cups to identify a healthy serving.
  4. Do you grab pizzas and pastas as a substitute of quick lunch? Plan a week ahead what you’ll have for lunch and dinner. Planning ahead of time which helps you stick to a healthy options instead of buying you a greasy pizza which comes out of spontaneous decisions.
  5. Do you skip breakfasts in a hurry to reach your workplace? Do not skip breakfast, if you skip your breakfast you will tend to over eat at lunchtime. So, eat healthy at proper intervals.
  6. Low on time for gym? You could join a gym according to your convenience, like join gym near your workplace. So to reduce the transportation time. Moreover, seeing exercisers motivates you as well.
  7. Had an inactive day, sitting on desk all day long? Power walk wherever you go. When back from work or out for lunch, you should prefer to walk. Plus having a company adds to the benefit. Have a friend who’ll like to walk with you.
  8. You think weekends are for rest? Make up for the missed workout on weekends, do not prefer sleeping rather go for bumper workout, i.e. a bit extra than other day (you want to fit in old cloths. Don’t you?).

So follow these simple steps, plan your routine and rediscover yourself because you are the one who needs you more than anyone else.

Team Weight Loss = More Effective, More Fun

2013 was great for me. So there I was, cruising along on the exercise bike, elliptical (as I often am) and thinking (as I often do). I was thinking about the positive, sometimes amazing changes I’ve made in my life thanks to my gym and my trainers.

Ridhima: lost 26.5 lbs

Ridhima: lost 26.5 lbs

I was just about to congratulate myself as I saw the results in first two months, when I realized I should congratulate the whole group of friends and families who changed their life style AND STARTED WORKING OUT LIKE ME WHETHER IT IS USA, AUSTRALIA OR INDIA. A BIG TEAM WEIGHT LOSS WAS HAPPENING.

Why would anyone want to lose weight – or pursue any goal – alone? Every dieter should have a Weight Loss Team of people pulling for you, using their strengths to make up for your trouble areas. Think of what people have been able to accomplish when part of a team. Teams wrote the Constitution, built the Empire State Building and landed on the moon – all impossible if attempted alone. Two heads are better than one and five heads better than two. It is often said that the lead dog sets the pace for the others. Think about that. Human beings love to be around people and often their productivity multiplies when with friendly people. In group-fitness you have to be involved, human interaction calls for being accountable. People do not want to let their group or buddy down when this comes in terms of adherence of workout schedule it works wonders.

Ajay: lost 17.6 lbs

Ajay: lost 17.6 lbs

You can build a Weight Loss Team the same way you build a basketball, baseball or soccer team. Essentially, you fill different positions with people that are good at each position. That way, nobody has to do everything. They simply fill a specific role.

Here are some great team members to have:

  • Motivator– someone good at picking you up when you fall down and re-energizing you. When someone says lets raise the pace, you will feel that pint of energy in you rise up suddenly.
  • Positive Thinker– someone good at always looking at the bright side. The one who does not let the schedule be cancelled because the weather is not good, the one who will find alternatives.
  • Goal Guardian– someone good at keeping you focused on your goal and on track. One who prevents your workout session from just turning into a gossip session.

    Brian: lost 25 lbs

    Brian: lost 25 lbs

  • Exercise Buddy– someone good at making workout time fun and social.
  • Listener– someone good at being an outlet when you need to vent or talk about problems.
  • Informer– someone good at circulating health and fitness info, ideas and opportunities.
  • The Bizarre One– someone good at finding fun, interesting and crazy ways to stay active. Someone who alters an exercise to fun, for example- suddenly one day one of my friends came up with the idea of shifting 1 2 3 4 for jumping jacks to A goes for apple B goes for ball.

So if you’re struggling, if you’re having trouble staying on target, if you’re feeling frustrated, it might be time to start forming that Weight Loss Team of your own. Get them involved and remember:

Meenu: lost 15.5 lbs

Meenu: lost 15.5 lbs


 A BIG congrats to my friends who won by ‘losing’ in 2013:


Pounds lost


                               17.6 lbs


15.5 lbs


26.5 lbs


25 lbs