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Fixing that posture

Fixing that posture

Our race has evolved from having bent vertebrae to upright ones. Instead of basking in the glory of this more evolved structure, we seem to be disrespecting it through a stubborn inclination towards bad bent postures.

A busy day in our busy lives involves a lot of physical activity. During all of this activity we are basically pushing our bodies against the pull of gravity, fighting it to reach from A to B. The postures we usually tend to take put a lot of strain on our muscles, negatively influencing the entire body. What we don’t realize is the extent to which these tiny little things can affect one’s body.

Fixing that posture

Regular exercising and stretching help strengthen your core and back

The fix for the same is also tiny and easy. And since it is the natural way one’s muscles should be, these fixes aren’t difficult to incorporate. The first and foremost would be sitting upright. Sitting upright doesn’t mean staying stiff but in fact means having a neutral posture and allowing the spine it’s natural curves. A correct posture can be denoted through the alignment of one’s ears, shoulders, hips and knees, all in one straight line.

While standing, one must ensure that their body weight is to the ball of the foot, and no

t the heels. Leaving one’s body weight to the heels results in misalignment of the body. It’s also important to level one’s chin in a way that the top back region of one’s head is the highest point. With sitting too, one needs to ensure that the spine is correctly aligned. With one’s feet resting on the ground, the lower back should maintain an arch. While sitting, though, one must make a conscious effort to avoid slouching, or crossing one’s legs. These things create a lot of tension in the knees and muscles.

A good body posture not only makes for a healthier person physically, but also mentally. Studies have shown that people who sit up straight and have a correct posture are more likely to believe in the thoughts they have and hence have a lot of confidence. The reason being- just as an inferior body language affects the thoughts of others towards us; it does the same for our own mind. So it is important not only for a fitter body but also for a more successful attitude towards life that one keeps in mind these rules.

It’s in these little things where the secrets of healthy living are hidden. Incorporating them may not be as easy because it can get difficult to keep a check on oneself every minute, but it you will feel a world of a difference once you successfully have.

Do let us and other readers know if you have benefited by correcting your posture at work-desk or at home.

Brian’s Story: When you take the initiative of your health

Setting measurable health targets

Setting measurable health targets

Meet Brian Smith. He has been working alongside me at The Gourmet Kitchen for 7 years now. A lot changed and evolved during these years, including an increase in his weight. After reaching 200 LBS he put his foot down and decided to do something. He spoke to me and we charted out a plan.

Firstly he got rid of all the sodas; they were a really big part of his life. Most of his lunche

s consisted of fast food, another habit he did off with. Now his intake consisted of a lot of fiber, through vegetables (added celery), lean protein, fruits, very less carbs and no sugar. He also increased his water intake by a margin. But the most important change- he started riding a bike to work every day. It took him an hour each way but he stuck by this decision and he uses this mode of transport each time he comes to work.

Brian - Dream, Plan, Achieve!

Dream, Plan, Achieve!

As a gesture of encouragement, I promised him salad greens, produce and vegetables for one week if he reached his goal of losing 5 pounds in 10 days. Today he is getting his produce as he has reached his first goal. I think it’s absolutely commendable and he deserves three cheers!

The first step in weight loss is deciding with a certainty that it IS what you want. Once you have made this decision, there is no looking back for you and there is no stopping you. And if you have been procrastinating, THIS is the time to begin! Dream it, plan it and achieve it!

Do share stories of people you know who have achieved or are working towards achieving their health goals.