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My children are my greatest teachers in the importance of mothering myself

Mother Yourself

How well do you mother yourself? 

Do you give to everyone else?  Do you put yourself at the bottom of the priority list?  

Whether you are a mother, plan to be mother, born of a mother or have ever mothered a friend or family member, you probably know how to mother.  It’s called unconditional love and support.  And yet, ironically, we forget to mother ourselves.  

How will you mother yourself on this Mother’s Day?

Try taking a few moments, or an hour, or an evening, listening to what YOU may need this weekend.   Put yourself at the top of your list.   By taking a few moments each day for yourself, linking them together one-at-a-time, soon you will find these moments becomes the very touchstones to your overall well-being.

Why not make this Mother’s Day the starting point for mothering yourself.  Here are just a few suggestions to try, based on what makes good mothering:

NURTURE YOURSELF 150141_631448360203592_1484195265_n

Take a walk — Do yoga — Be playful — Make art — Dance — Plant herbs — Sing — Breathe deeply 


Laugh — Cry — Nap — Be gentle with yourself — Daydream — Lean into your desires — Forgive yourself


Eat nutritiously — Listen to your body — Drink water — Buy organic — Move your body — Savor the moment


Trust yourself — Put yourself first — Hear yourself — treat yourself well — Appreciate your value — Lead with your heart


See your beauty — Be unique — Speak your truth — Follow your heart — Celebrate YOU! 


Happy Mothering Yourself Day!

Let us know how you choose to uniquely nurture or pamper yourself this weekend.